Monday, 30 January 2017

We are so excited to take you along on our journey!

Welcome to our blog!

The editors of Canada Jewish Pipeline; Bernie and Gail Estrin, are taking an international road trip all the way to Israel. We're inviting you to virtually come along and experience our trip with us first-hand.

Our adventure starts on March 16th, 2017 ... when we fly from Edmonton to Toronto, then on to Israel! We'll be experiencing all the sights, sounds for six weeks and be blogging every day for you to follow. Part of our adventure includes; a 10 day tour, volunteering for Sar El for two weeks, Passover in Jerusalem and hanging out in Tel Aviv. We will be providing you with an amazing insight of tours, people and places, army life, a Pesach experience and much, much more. You will get to experience everything we do.

But first, we have a lot of research to do. Like what and how to pack for 6 weeks ... what we need to know and Of course Hebrew Lessons ... which start next week!

Bernie just picked up The Lonely Planet's Guide To Israel last week. I have been reading up about all the places on our 10 day tour. Can't wait!

Well, this is a good start for now. I'll keep you posted on our progress ...