Friday, 3 February 2017

Getting ready for our trip ...

Well, we have read all about how to pack for six weeks in Israel ...

Here is what we found out so far. We will each take a light backpack as our carry ons for the plane and a small wheeled checked bag no more than 24 inches.

We just picked up a light, eagle creek all ways secure backpack, some tsa approved combination locks, rfid blockers, a packable day pack and a coversafe ID wallet to wear under your clothes all from Campers Village.

The trick is what to pack and what to pack in each bag and to keep it light. 

For the back packs, we are taking one each. We pack one computer, one iPad, one phone. Our meds, toothbrush, deodorant, brush, Jammie's, extra undies and socks, a tShirt, earplugs, extra glasses, a book, travel pillow and blanket, an h adapter for Israel, a flashlight, a whistle, our passports, drivers licence, documents, cash and credit cards. Make sure to make 3 copies of all your documents, passport photo page, drivers licence and credit cards and keep them with you. Wear your coat, runners and heaviest clothes on the plane.

In our checked wheeled luggage; 15 items of clothing each, a fleecy, undies and socks enough for one week, hat, three pashmina scarves for Gail, a bathing suit, sandals, runners, an umbrella, flashlight, meds, first aid kit with Tylenol, lactaid pills, gravel, Imodium, tape flashlight, a clothesline and small plastic wash basin, laundry soap. Because we are going to volunteer at Sar El, I also am sewing together two sets of single sheets top and bottom with a pillowcase, as a liner for the sleeping bags they will issue us. We will pick up small pillows when we get to Israel. We are also not packing toilet paper, shampoo, soap, towel, etc. ... we will get those from the hotel as we are taking a ten day tour first.

All the clothes are being rolled in packing tubes, containers, zip lock baggies, and plastic zip bags that We collected from sheet sets, blankets in a bag, etc. This should save a lot of room and keep stuff organized, especially if they go through it in customs.

Going to do a dry run on the packing next week just to see how it works out. Most likely will have to do some clothes editing first. You always take more than you need!

Hebrew lessons start next week. We are starting to get really excited now!

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