Thursday, 30 March 2017


Friday Night Dinner

Finally some time to rest!  We enjoyed a nice Friday night dinner (courtesy of lunch) at the Crowne Plaza Dead Sea buffet ... we packed some wonderful roasted chicken which we nick-named "dead-sea-chicken" in our lunch bag. Our hotel had a Shabbat elevator (which stopped on every floor and took ten minutes to reach the lobby) and a beautiful place to light Shabbat candles on the main floor.

Shabbat Morning

Bernie found a shul and was invited to do the haftorah with over 300 people in attendance. Such a thrill and honour!

We walked around for a bit in the afternoon and toured the King David hotel. On the patio, we got a good look at the Dung gate on the Western Wall.

The gate was very close even to the Dan Panorama - our hotel.

After Shabbat, we packed up for the Sar-El for the next morning and went to bed early for our 6:00 am wake-up call.

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